Ensemble Nylandia Traverso Consort

Ensemble Nylandia traverso consort was founded during summer 2022 by the Finnish historical flutists Vera Plosila, Sini Vahervuo and Ilkka Eronen. It has performed at the Kamppi Chapel with lutenist Olli Hyyrynen and at harpsichordist Matias Häkkinen’s doctoral concert as a part of a larger Renaissance orchestra. The group has been coached by the leading Renaissance pedagogue Johanna Bartz.

You can hear the consort next time on the 24th of January 2023 in a club concert of the Aurore Renaissance Music Festival in Helsinki. The program will focus on the diminutions of Ganassi’s La Fontegara (1535) applied to early 16th-century music, such as the Leuven Manuscript.

Ensemble Nylandia: Introduction to the Renaissance traverso

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